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Westminster Post & Beam
59 Minott Road,
Westminster, MA 01473

Skip and Nancy's home Page 2
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In early November 1999, Westminster Post and Beam erected a white pine timber frame on a hill in Petersham.
The pictures that follow show the building of Skip and Nancy's new home.
Please be patient; the photos may take some time to load....
This is the second page of photos

The framed wall behind the 12" field stone veneer is starting to be built.
The wall is constructed with 1/2" blueboard, 1" rigid "Hi R" sheathing, 2 x 4s on 12" centers with fiberglas insulation between, and 1/2" plywood sheathing. The 1" Hi R is continuous and provide a thermal conduction break at all the studs. The wall was screwed to the timber frame through each stud where it crosses a timber with 7 1/2" screws, then covered with 30# builders felt paper.

The stone wall will wrap around the side of the building.

More of the front wall construction. The stone will cover the entire gable end.  Notice the window frame in the center. November 20th 1999.

Fiberglass insulation installed in the cavity between the studs.

Exterior stone work started.

Notice the metal tie straps that connect the stone to the wall every 12" x 16".

The fireplace inside has been started.  The block work will be covered with stone.

Pine shiplap roof boards are nailed to the rafters and covered with felt paper before the stress skin panels are applied.

Stress skin panels arrive wrapped in plastic.

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