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   Not only is Roscher the leader of vacuum equipment from around the world, they have the added ability to build highly specialized vacuum equipment.  From food to pharmaceutical industry, appliance to pet foods, whenever there is a need for a vacuum application, Roscher is there with the experience and technology to meet your needs.
    It is no wonder when someone has a specific need for any type of highly specialized vacuum equipment  they look in one direction.  In the direction of Roscher.
Roscher Series RW-B Vacuum Packer....Click for spec. sheet.
Series RW-B
Vacuum Packer
Roscher Series RB-V Vacuum Packer... Click for spec. sheet.
Series RW-V
Vacuum Packer here 23 WATER STREET   POST OFFICE  BOX  480 
TEL. (978) 827-3160        (800) 269- AFOS
Fax: (978) 827-3162
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