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WSM 100D

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HS 240

GSM 380D


    GEBA was the originator of the soft salmon slicer.  These machines are used throughout the smoked salmon industry.  GEBA has built close to 1,000 machines including upwards of 100 machines in North America. 
    Because of their unique design, the machines can slice a salmon and maintain the original shape without costly labor to reconstitute the fillet.  GEBA uses a combination of electric pneumatic design so that this equipment can run 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The machines are designed for easy cleaning and the advanced design ensures safe operation.  The various models have capacities from 600 to 2,000 lbs. per 8 hour shift.  Various slicing angles are available starting from 8 degree to 38 degree angle machines. 
    GEBA has recently introduced two new machines: HS 240 and GSM 380D.  The HS 240 is a horizontal slicer which provides lengthwise slices and is ideal for caterers, hotels. etc. as the product can be easily rolled and stuffed.  The GSM 380D is a frozen slicer.  GEBA started in this business as a manufacturer of frozen slicers and has reinvented this older technology.  The GSM 380D is far superior to the competitors as there is very minimal product waste which has been the biggest drawback of frozen slicing along with labor.  GEBA continues to be the leader in this industry. here 23 WATER STREET   POST OFFICE  BOX  480 
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